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The aim with every dish we serve at LPM Restaurant and Bar is to create a mouthful of food that will not be forgotten – and which you cannot find or reproduce elsewhere. Behind that is a journey to explore the essential joy at the heart of the ingredients of the French Mediterranean that we take as our inspiration. The sun-soaked artichokes, lemons, olives, courgettes, tomatoes, peppers and girolles, the freshest seafood, meat and pasta: they lead everything.

For that reason, they arrive at your table at the moment they are ready. They are prepared with techniques of extreme care and precision, à la minute, to protect their integrity. They are sourced with painstaking attention to detail. They spend long in our imagination, because this is all about finding new ways to express the cuisine of our spiritual home, the French Riviera. Even here, since we talk of journeys, it helps to appreciate that the inspiration runs back through history; in Cuisine Niçoise, for example, the Italian influence is strong, and pasta – pâtes – is commonplace. Finally, like most restaurants on the Côte d'Azur, we allow the occasional traditional French classic onto our menu... mon Dieu, however could we not?

The result is a light, varied and healthy menu of delicate intensity, unique to us, underscored by olive oils from the groves of the Alpes Maritimes. This last part of the journey – a journey for the palate across many flavours – belongs to you. We urge you: share it. Place the food in the middle, and let the ingredients take you where they will.

Step inside an LPM, and you’ll find a pared-down backdrop reminiscent of the French Riviera: a light colour palette, white china, fine linens, marble. Onto that: brilliant, bold colours. Art from 20th Century painters from the South the France: provocative, bright, naive. Fresh flowers in outrageous vases, arrangements that are unstructured, untidy even. References and inspirations from ‘Belle Epoque’ villas on the Côte d'Azur: mosaics, fer forgé, shutters. And to finish, some hallmarks of classic French restaurants... 19th Century gilt and harlequin mirrors and, of course, a centrepiece bronze sculpture. Each restaurant has signature wall-mounted male and female pans created by Max Cartier. All of our restaurants have a classic welcome bar, typically marble or lava stone with pewter, or zinc. All have an open prep counter where diners can see every tomato sliced fresh in front of them. All enjoy natural light.

So, that’s how you’ll find us: refined in one moment, quirky and eccentric the next. Elegance and attention to detail meet insouciance. In love with food. It’s relaxed, which is essential, and there is a warmth to it, a real sense of sense of community and family. We love to see people animated, connected, loving life. Think of being a member of a non-member’s club. You are always welcome here.