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Welcome to La Petite Maison Abu Dhabi

At the Galleria Al Maryah Island mall, looking out across the water as the sun sets behind the city skyline, LPM Abu Dhabi has one of the most privileged locations in the city. But this is about taking you somewhere else, far away in time and place. The bouganvilleas on the terrace, the olive trees. The bright art, the elegant shutters, that extravagant vase exploding with colour. And then the light, intense French Riviera-inspired food prepared à-la-minute from the finest ingredients, the poulet, the prawns in olive oil, mon dieu, the intriguing rosés, the cocktails and that buzz across the room. C’est la Belle Époque, no? C’est la Côte D’Azur?

Learn more about our philosophy here.


Our Food

This is a journey to explore the essential joy at the heart of the ingredients of the Riviera: natural, fresh, delicate intensity. But it’s playful, too, food to make you smile. Place the dishes in the middle and let the ingredients take you where they will.

Our Wines

Great houses and wines of global repute, bien sur. But let us take you somewhere unexpected that makes a deeper impression. Above all to smaller, less known vineyards with special stories, and some glorious, world-leading rosés that dance with the dishes on our menu.

Our Cocktails

Our cocktails are also inspired by the Riviera. They’re prepared with the same precision and thoughtfulness of our kitchen, and the use of the imagination to engage all the senses and defy expectations is pure joy.

Read more about our specially devised Jean Cocteau menu here.

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