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See you in Mykonos this summer!

Join us for dinner, everyday from 6.30pm to 11.45pm, or enjoy unparalleled sunset views with a cocktail in hand at the lounge!

Welcome to LPM Las Vegas

Step through the doors on the third floor of the Cosmopolitan and the dizzying chaos of Vegas is gone, transformed into a Côte D’Azur-inspired haven: quel contraste,quel enchantement! A Tomatini at the Belle Époque pewter and harlequin-mirrored bar, looking over at classic art-filled dining room? Deep relaxation in the adjacent bar-lounge? Perhaps intimacy and champagne as you watch our chefs prepare food à-la-minutein the salad and oyster bars, or escargots and poulet in the private dining room? An option to match the moment. And beyond everything awaits something rare indeed in this city… an external terrace, signature LPM, underscored by, what is that… a bossa nova…? La vie est belle


Our Food

This is a journey to explore the essential joy at the heart of the ingredients of the Riviera: natural, fresh, delicate intensity. But it’s playful, too, food to make you smile. Place the dishes in the middle and let the ingredients take you where they will.

Our Wines

Great houses and wines of global repute, bien sur. But let us take you somewhere unexpected that makes a deeper impression. Above all to smaller, less known vineyards with special stories, and some glorious, world-leading rosés that dance with the dishes on our menu.

Our Cocktails

Our cocktails are also inspired by the Riviera. They’re prepared with the same precision and thoughtfulness of our kitchen, and the use of the imagination to engage all the senses and defy expectations is pure joy.

Read more about our specially devised Jean Cocteau menu here.

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