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LPM’s mission is to celebrate and share simple, yet fresh and light French Mediterranean and Niçoise cuisine: Our vision is to create a global brand and world-renowned hospitality -a timeless, modern version of old-world simplicity. LPM’s authentic cuisine perfectly blends with the ambience of each of its locations, which are renowned for a pared back environment reminiscent of the Cote d’Azur, framed in a light colour palette with accents of fine linens and marble. At all our restaurants, our gorgeous interiors feature the same playful but refined touches, with eclectic art and occasional "Belle Epoque" accessories.

 Our philosophy, 'Tous Célébres Ici', is typical of Ben Vautier's text based artwork, the phrase has a double meaning -"everybody's famous here" and "everybody celebrates here." LPM is about community and family. You are always welcome here. Think of being a member of a non-member’s club.

LPM is first and foremost food-driven and ingredient-led. Fresh and light French Mediterranean and Niçoise inspired cuisine. LPM’s simplicity is found in fresh Mediterranean produce, with dishes using artichokes, courgettes, lemons, olives, and tomatoes, alongside the freshest seafood, meat, and pasta.

The menu also includes many classic non-Mediterranean and some inspired Ligurian dishes typical of "Cuisine Niçoise" from whole roast baby chicken to gnocchi with fresh tomatoes. The menu, designed for sharing amongst the table, is complemented by a substantial French wine list that includes an extensive selection from Provence. The menu includes many classic non-Niçoise French and some Italian dishes.

LPM Director, Arjun Waney and Chef Patron, Raphael Duntoye's, idea for the London restaurant was to both refine and expand this menu, emphasizing the elements that distinguish Niçoise food, olive oil, courgettes, artichokes, tomatoes etc. Brand new Niçoise -like dishes have been created that have evolved this Mediterranean micro cuisine. The idea was to promote a new take on the general perception of French cuisine. Instead of rich heavy flavours that depended on the use of excessive butter and cream, the restaurant would largely use the elements of Niçoise food, olive oil, tomatoes etc to create a cuisine that was light, healthy and deliciously palatable.

Such cuisine demands greater cooking skills and a no-compromise approach to the very best fresh raw materials that necessitate frequent seasonal changes. Since marinating and quick restaurant methods of preparation and cooking are dispensed with in favour of total cooking, the result is food devoid of richness, which can be eaten over and over again. The restaurant’s repeat customer volumes are a testament to this.

Bob Ramchand , one of our Directors, selects our art based on the atmosphere of the country and location of the current LPM. The art of LPM represents and include the eccentric style of the 20thCentury painters of the South of France, Mediterranean in style and colour, bright, naive, provocative and clashing.

Similarly, flower arrangements should be unstructured and may even be untidy. Colours should be vibrant and may even clash with each other.

The art, flower arrangements and vases stand out as a shocking contrast against what is otherwise a gently tasteful and conservative paneled room that contains at least one conventional 19th Century gilt mirror and a bronze sculpture. The hallmarks of classic French restaurants.

The trademark sauce pans were created and designed by Max Cartier, a Nice based artist, come in pairs at LPM, with both male and female versions. Max Cartier also designed LPM menus covers, which are unique to us.

The principal shareholders of the parent company of LPM, being of Indian origin, are committed to causes that support the under privileged in (but not exclusively in) India. It is a policy in the London restaurant and other sister restaurants in the group, to include an optional £1 charge towards a cause on every bill. Since LPM’s Chef Patron hails from Nigeria, the £1 goes towards an organisation that cures cataract blindness in Nigeria. LPMs in other territories would be encouraged to support serious causes appropriate to those locations.