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Poet, novelist, painter, artist, playwright, designer, filmmaker,critic: all suitable ways to describe Jean Cocteau, yet all insufficient to truly honour his genius. Words, no matter how accurate, can only do so much. Which is why we have created this menu. To not only celebrate his achievements, but the qualities of the man himself: his loves, his whims, his passions. Among them, of course, his joy at sharing a drink with his dearest friends. Great writer of drama that he was, he also found time to pen, with the help of chef Raymond Olivier, his own culinary collection, Recettes pour un ami. So Jean, wherever you are, if you can read this we hope you accept this humble cocktail menu as its belated companion.

Now, please allow us to indulge both his memory and your taste buds, as we celebrate his life in the only way we know how: with twelve entirely original and meticulously created cocktails. Just as every story needs a beginning, middle and an end, so too a menu. Our four chapters will guide you through Jean’s life and the places he once called home. In each of these you’ll find three cocktails inspired by his time there. Please read at your leisure and take your time. Should you wish to try more than one that is, of course, entirely acceptable. In fact, it’s what he probably would have wanted.

Cocktail highlight:


Saint Germain, Suze, Sour Linden tea, essential oil.

The Cocteau’s house in Maisons Laffitte was surrounded by linden trees. During spring, the leaves are green and hairy and the tree will start producing tiny cream to yellow flowers in the late spring. At that moment of the year Jean will arrive at Maisons Laffitte to spend his summer with his family. The linden tree is perceived as a sacred tree as it symbolises love, altruism and friendship. Friendship will have a particular place in Jean Cocteau's life as he once said “My only politics have been friendship”.

Linden Alley is the representation of this garden of Maisons Laffitte with a lot of floral and fresh notes brought by the Saint Germain, balanced with the bitterness of the Suze, completed by an olfactory experience with the use of linden essential oil.